Saskia as speaker

Who am I as a speaker?
Saskia als spreker

On stage I'm in my element and I'll give personal, humorous, interesting and interactive presentations. Varying from anywhere between fifteen minutes to a whole day.


In my youth and during my studies I've played in countless of plays and I was director for the youth stage group for years. Profesionally, I've given many presentations on conferences and large gatherings about Personal Development, Leadership, Coaching and Communication in the broadest sense of the word. I've given over 150 presentations for people who've finished their studies and are just about to start their careers.

What does the public think?

‘The beauty with Saskia is that she's completely herself. If she happens to forget something or says something odd, she'll immediately joke about it. You feel connected to her not because she's perfect, but because she's only human and clearly loves what she does.’

‘Saskia has an amazing sense of humour and a very broad knowledge of people. She pierced someone's ego in no-time, who tried to undermine her with a very difficult question, and she even managed to do it with respect for that person. I've learned a lot from her.’

A selection of subjects from past years
Being yourself

’I really want to be myself, always and everywhere.’ But who is this 'self'? Is that your character? Is it your collection of thoughts and feelings? Or is it that little voice inside that you dont really listen to all that often? It's quite possible you're not entirely sure. That's good. Time to dismantle the illusions.

Fake it 'till you make it

No change without result, no result without change. What steps -outside of your comfort zone- will you take? A dynamic presentation for people who like peace and reflection in their hearts and are adventurous. A little courage is required.

As it is in heaven

Are you also looking for happiness, for peace in yourself? Become a Hero on a Journey and find happiness here on Earth, just like in Heaven. Attainable, if you have a question. Possibly with a (partial) showing of the film.

Sense and Nonsense of Guilt

In this presentation it's all about Freedom and the most unproductive feeling of them all: guilt. What's needed to leave your feelings of guilt behind, forever?

Then, all of a sudden I was the Boss

About how you, as the boss, can get out of the struggle to balance being the Leader and giving people the Space they need. About how you can turn your insecurities into your strengths. About how you can completely embrace being the Boss and be able to enjoy it.


Last minute chair

Tomorrow is the conference... and we don't have a chair! What do we do now?

Do not worry, just call me. I’m used to read and prepare in no time. I only need 24 hours to make sure that I can moderate the conference.

I have adequate experience with improvising, and my knowledge of different groups of professions comes in hand here. I can quickly identify with the people involved, the core values of the conference and the demands of the audience.

Costs: € 4,000.00 for a full day plus 21% VAT and travel expenses (different rates apply for nonprofit organizations).

Saskia on NOBCO 2011

Conference partner

A conference is a costly affair in many ways. Organizers have high expectations from the outcome of the conference and therefore the spin-off should run just as expected. You would like to see that the people have attended for more reasons than just to expand their professional network and enjoying a good lunch with drinks.

I will think along on almost all elements that must be arranged: the choice of location, the set-up, the guest speakers, the transformation from purpose to form and content of the conference. I can be the sparring partner and creative co-creator to ensure a conference that will be long remembered.