Saskia Teppema

Saskia Teppema

Since 1985 I've been working as a coach and trainer in the corporate world, in the government and in education. Contact with other people is the essence of my life. As a 16 year old I started teaching sailing. After the sports academy and a study in Dutch language and literature I taught in a high school in Leiden. I also started acting in plays with my students. The switch to become a coach in the corporate world felt very natural. My first client was the FBTO in Leeuwarden, where I gave a training about internal communications.

I'm a rich person. And mostly happy, which implies it doesn't always go very smoothly. I take on life in all its aspects, the joy, the beauty, but also the pain and the disappointments. With my own experiences I can be there for someone else. It makes me happy when other people find their strengths again, and have their organisations achieve more because of it.

Senior Practitionar Associate Coach at NOBCO/EMCC; Associate at OnzeCoach; Associate at Companions for Change; Associate at Intercoach; Initiator of Het Collectief.

Others about Saskia

A municipal

"She's very sharp in her analysis, has alot of humour and empathy. She's creative in her approach. She knew exactly which tools to pick from her toolbox for my situation."

A student

"Saskia has tremendous knowledge of human nature. She could very quickly empathize with my situation and pinpoint the painful spot with great accuracy. On the one hand she can give you a completely different view of the situation, and on the other hand she can be a crystal clear mirror. I've learned a lot from her."

A school leader

"I think back to our conversation this afternoon with great pleasure. I've been given a few new angles on my sitation and they're already keeping my thoughts occupied. "

A director of a softwarehouse

"Great conversation today. I've got the feeling I'm on the right track. You've contributed a lot. Thank you!"

A director

"She's goal-oriented and a very good listener. Because of this I knew what the next step was for me."


Organisational development for the Government



Vision on sustainable leadership

Sustainable Leadership touches upon genuine concern for the world around us. For people, raw materials, water, energy, waste material, and meaningful products. It is about love for the world, both the small world around us, and world as a whole. Leaders and managers have set an example: the example of responsibility.

Leaders are congruent in thought and action, and make fresh and visionary choices that require courage. Leaders need to be open minded to be creative and to identify the opportunities that lie ahead.

Sustainability also touches upon our wisdom and helps to maintain our values. One of the most important value that I propagate is that we are all one. Leaders can not afford themselves to be ruled by fear. We expect of leaders that, even in times of crisis, they feel connected to the world around them and properly care for their people. Like a captain on a ship, a priest for his parish, a farmer for his cattle.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

If you are interested in someone who practices this statement, watch Patch Adams.