You are a director, manager, CEO, or politician. You have made your mark. At this point in your life, you have reached a position where your decisions carry weight. The responsibility that comes with this position makes it of vital importance that you choose wisely. With each decision that you make, you have to consider the potentially far reaching consequences on both the short and the long term. The outcome of your decision could significantly impact the people you work with, the standing of your organization, and your own position. Although your current position is evidence of your track record in making good decisions, there are times when you deeply question yourself. You can share your doubts with family and friends, but there are times when you need a conversation partner who can help you to get to the bottom of your questions. Here you find a professional conversation partner who is both knowledgeable and can inspire you to get to new insights.

You are invited to discuss your question with me. During our conversation, we can assess whether I would be the right person to be your coach. One meeting suffices to assess our chemistry. In case your question lies outside my area of expertise, I could refer you to one of the qualified people in my extensive professional network.

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Saskia Teppema