Executive Coaching

Asking yourself a question while admitting that you can’t solve it on your own, requires quite some courage. Or maybe you have realized that you continuously encounter the same type of problem. A question directed at your coach is phrased in an active form. In my practice, you will find that as our discussions move forward, a world of personal values and desires starts to open. A coach will free you from backward thinking and inflexible behavioral patterns. The process of being coached will make you free from barriers that stand in your way.

As a leader, manager or entrepreneur you have to manage the aspects of your organization on different fields simultaneously. Some of them run smooth and while on other places you can’t get it working. This requires a lot of energy, results in frustration or simply costs you money. And most of the time, these are difficult situations where you did not ask for.

Maybe you’ve ever uttered the phrase: “It feels like I have to deal with a bunch of teenagers here… “. Or maybe you think: “The work itself is great, if it wasn’t for those people …”. You have to deal with people continuously. This can be fellow managers, colleagues, employees, clients. You want to be able to influence headstrong professionals and influence, guide, assist and convince challenging characters. You have the key in your hands and I will help you to wisely use that key.

You can direct any questions related to your function and position towards me. Ranging from “How can I, depsite this organizational turmoil, make the right decision”, and “How do I make people take responsibility for their actions?”, to “How can I accomplish more with less energy”. Let the questionnaire ‘executive coaching’ that you find under the next tab on the website help you to clarify the questions you have.


During and especially after the process of coaching you will become able to deal with situations better. You will learn to understand what part of you makes or breaks being successful in having contact with others and what parts of you can help you to achieve your goals.

Management Team Coaching

“We are all just from piebald patches, which are so loosely connected that each of them constantly fluttering as he wishes: why there are so many differences between us and ourselves as between us and the others.”

Michel de Montaigne

Each team member brings a history with (his previous team experience) and a desire (in this job I’m doing better). The latter can take many forms: ranging from much influence as possible to have more turnover, growth, market expansion, product development, a desire for good contact with colleagues to have. “John” on the retina to his passion in his work and lost to ‘Claire’ would like scoring.

Every person needs a different aproach

This sometimes significant differences make a team to an exciting learning environment: you are more or less condemned to each other so that the annoyances and disagreements can be high. For everyone there is a lot to learn about yourself MT. On your assumptions, your prejudices and your habits. And also about how you work together more than ever, your organization can achieve individually possible. Support each other and learn from each other is therefore important for a team-coaching.

Nobody is perfect, but a team can be

Sometimes I work alone, sometimes I work with others as a team I get to work. I have a large network of professional colleagues. We design a program in consultation with the client. A path with creative and clever tools, good questions in a free, pleasant workspace.

Examples of team coaching questions

A management team of a distribution center with many customer contacts see that experienced people leave the organization. What is needed to get people down?

Teamcoaching kan bestaan uit een of meerdere bouwstenen

A management team of a public service must work more efficiently and there must be people out. How do we do this so that the damage to the organization and to people confined?

A group of professionals communicate among themselves so bad, so the primary process stagnates. How did we get here?

Various options for Team Coaching

Be inspired by Simon Sinek

How I work

Receiving feedback at a high hierarchical position is not always possible. There is often a conflict of interests. You can expect from me that I will let you look into the mirror. We discuss your inflexible habits and, of course, the points you want to work on. We also underpin you your strengths and how to use them. Additionally, you can discuss things with me in confidence, about matters that have not been fully developed or about delicate matters that run within your board or organization.

We will work goal-orientated with your question. I’m clear and thoughtful about giving feedback about what I feel, see and hear. I speak your language and I can quickly identify with the habits of your organization. I’ll show you the effect of your thoughts and actions. Along the route you will find the core of your question and help you to see what it takes to take the next step.

Sometimes, I just ask questions, sometimes I’m your guide or your teacher. If you need a quick solution, I know the way around the maze of agencies, consultants and organizational assistance. Usually a program will run for a few months, in which we have three to six meetings, but of course you can decide to stop at any time. If have been in touch allready, you can also schedule for a update in between. The coaching sessions take place in Hilversum or in a place that suits you better.

Saskia Teppema is associated EMCC / NOBCO – Senior practitioner – operates according to the code of conduct and delivery of NOBCO. (www.nobco.nl)